Last Senior Reflection

May 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

ASB President Justin Mercado submitted the following reflection on his years at Cathedral.

Justin Mercado, Class of 2012

Senior year: a time for making future decisions and a last chance to excel in rigorous studies. For some, this year is marked by the dreaded “senioritis” with a leniency towards laziness and a sense of “checking out.” Still for others, this fourth and final year of high school is their last chance to go for something big and take an unexpected risk, not knowing what consequences may follow. As a student who tried to immerse himself in all Cathedral High School had to offer, I felt that I achieved this to a great extent. From sports to student government and numerous clubs in between, I had conquered every feat of high school, or so I thought. There was still one area left to experience: theater.

For those that know me, I’m not much of an outspoken person. I’m the quiet kid who observes others and enjoys their acting and rambunctious behavior. However, I must admit that high school did bring me out of my comfort zone and caused me to open up drastically. With a bit of confidence under my belt, I was a little more motivated to audition for a production. After viewing a couple of previous productions, I was left in awe of how professional a high school show can be. I was determined to at least try out. Yet, with my busy schedule both in the fall and spring, productions seemed to be out of the picture. As senior year was underway, it was announced that the spring season would foster the musical. This was a change in protocol as musicals were in the fall and plays in the spring. This now seemed like an opportunity easily manageable. I would audition for the musical and still have time to play on the volleyball team. I was quick to realize that this was not an option. Rather, it was either or. Having played three previous years of volleyball, I decided to let it go and stick with the musical.

Luckily, I was cast in the musical [Fiddler on the Roof], though I had a minor role. The experience was incredible and the appreciation I gained for the theater is greater than I ever thought. This was a more in-depth look at a production. Not only did I see it unfold before my very eyes, I was able to contribute a small portion to the overall product. Auditioning for the musical and being part of a Cathedral High School production will live forever as a great risk I took in my final year of high school.


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