Senior Reflections: Class of 2012

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Michael Candaza

Senior exams are this week, culminating in Senior Awards Presentations Thursday morning in the gym, Baccalaureate Mass Friday night at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, and graduation Saturday morning at the Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena. In honor of these events, this week’s Purple Letter presents a reflection written by four graduating seniors: Juan Hernandez, Jesse Flores, Michael Candaza, and Cesar Solis, members of the National English Honor Society.

Cesar Solis

Four long years at Cathedral. Who could have known that, when they said, “Your time in high school flies by,” they were not kidding! The Class of 2012 is now approaching their final days here at Cathedral and what can be said but it’s been a fun and vigorous path long the way: from being the first freshman class to have orientation inside the gym – which at that point had only been open for a few months – to being present in the gym when they had the blessing of our new field and tombstones. As the Class of 2012 now approaches our end, we are leaving with a few new improvements that were installed this past year: our former Student Activity Center, the SAC for short, now flourishing into the Student Life Center or the SLC, and the new Br. James Meegan Library-Media Center, which is still being installed. What a beauty that place has become! You should have seen the old one.

Jesse Flores

Our sports teams have changed as well, from our football program, after our sophomore year, moving up to Division 3 from their former Division 10 section, to soccer being able to win League these past 3 years that we have been there, and to not forget our cross country doing the same, going all the way to State this year! Such great effort our seniors have put into making those sports teams strong. We know there is one event our class cannot forget to acknowledge, and that would be that in our time at Cathedral, our freshman year the track team was able to win State.  No other class in our campus currently can say that.

Juan S. Hernandez

Cathedral’s time can never be summed up in just these few paragraphs, but one word of advice is to cherish your time here. Take the right opportunities when they are presented to you. Don’t hesitate to make a move that may bring joy to you. Who knows? You might end up loving it. Don’t be afraid to try new activities at Cathedral. Who knows? You may be the school’s new main star in the theater, or the new head anchor at KCHS, or the star player on a sports team. Give everything a bit of chance while you are here; you may never be certain of the outcome. Trust us when we say that your time at Cathedral does fly by. One moment you’re a freshman about to embrace summer break, and then you’ll be where we are today: seniors about to graduate, going off to the real world, no longer the little boys we came in as but young men. As our English teacher Mr. Matteson always says, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Have fun spending your time here at Cathedral; venture out to see what the school can offer you, and remember to always make the right choices. Do take into account that our class was once the largest on campus, but because of  failing grades, stealing and drug usage, our class is now the smallest. Plain out and simple: don’t be stupid. Hopefully this is helpful for you freshmen who are still wondering what our school can offer you. We didn’t know at your age but as our time progressed, we found where we belong.

Next week: Spring band concert and art show, graduation ceremonies, and farewell.


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